Why system administrators are excellent to start a company with

2 years ago I started a company with a system administrator and I don’t regret any bit of it. I have been asking myself why this is, because I have seen other system administrators starting successful companies as well. Maybe you should have a system administrator in your management team as well, and this is why:

We have been getting spin-off coaching from Innotek and Dirk De Jongh, one of the coaches, taught us some really important lessons, one of them being: a company is a machine, and the only thing we need to do is turn our start-up ideas into one. And he is right, I would even dare to go further with that metaphor: a machine like a company needs a system administrator, someone who creates the right scripts, someone who updates internal mechanisms from time to time, someone who runs tests and so on.

source: XKCD.com

Get a system admin on board and your machine will be scalable, it will be started and downtime will be minimized, your machine will focus on one thing and will be great at it, you will use the right tools for the right job, perfect load balancing, when tasks are done repetitively, a sys admin will write a script, and last but not least, a sys admin is devoted to the machine.

A company is a machine. That’s what I will remember for the rest of my life.

Thank you Innotek (Dirk De Jongh and Ywein Van Den Brande)



  1. cobbaut

    A long time ago, managers would actually listen to system administrators. Then the Nineties came and managers made IT (or ICT?) decisions at lunch or at the golf course.
    Or worse; decisions are often made at presentations of multimedia mock-ups and promises (instead of testing a real working product).

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