iRail meet-up – Friday 17 sept

On Friday the 17th of September we are meeting up with all people interested in open data to specify the iRail API. Whether you’re a graphical artist, a low-level coder, a mobile app developer, openness enthusiast, journalist, etc… you’re more than welcome.


We will meet up in the hackerspace of Ghent. The address of the location is:

Blekerijstraat 75 Gent, room 1.21

If you want to get there by public transport, the best way is to take the train to Gent Dampoort and walk from there (5 minute walk)

At the gate

When you arrive at the location you will find a closed white garage-door. If you’re unlucky and could not make it at 18:00 you can call me on +3248415542nine. We will open the gate again at 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 or on ping.


– Gate opens each hour

18:15 – Welcome to the event. Explanation about the evening. This is the perfect moment for general questions.

19:15 – discussing the API specification on the whiteboard

20:15 – Talks:

  • How will we manage as an open-source project (Pieter Colpaert)
  • Current legal situation (Yeri Tiete – @Tuinslak)
  • An example of a good user interface for iRail (Christophe Versieux – BeTrains – @Waza_be)

21:15 – Managed coding

  • Explanation on usage of github (Yeri)
  • Coding of the API with interested people (Pieter)
  • Coding of various clients with interested people (BeTrains with @coreation and @Waza_be, QT trains with Tim Besard, IPhone app with Ben Turner, Mobile site with Yeri…)

22:15 – Picture of all attendees

22:30 – Unmanaged coding

  • code whatever you want and stay until you want
  • talk to us about your specific ideas
  • have a good time

More links

Website of the hackerspace

Official event on project iRail

– Pieter – follow me on



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