Today I was going to talk about Bash on the Linux Open Administration Days. I like to think that by taking the train instead of a car I’m being ecological. I like to think trains, most of the time, don’t run late and I like to think that normally they do exist. Yet again (if they’re not striking, there has probably been an accident. And if there hasn’t been an accident neither, they might have decided to polish the rails) public transport has abandoned me. I didn’t foresee an alternative and I could impossibly be there in time.


NMBS were “expecting interferences” for the entire day. So no LOAD for me this year.

Hereby I want to apologize to the entire LOAD crew for not showing up for my talk. As a little comfort here are my slides I would have used. Feel free to use them in any way you like.


Pieter — follow me on identi.ca



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