(Stub-alert) It was an early Saturday morning when I took the train to Brussels. I had a nice list of talks I wanted to hear and I had some people I definitely wanted to meet. In the end it seems like I’ve done a lot more talks and I’ve met more people I could’ve imagined.

I decided that Saturday should be a discovery day. I met @bdesmet, a Fedora ambassador and student in Ghent and he decided to show me around a bit. After having some frech fries, an Orval (the only real Stallmanist’s beer) and a lecture on the maemo security framework, I met up with my brother. We went to some lightningtalks on voip and were positively surprised. Hearing someone passionately talk about his own project is a good concept for interesting talks.

In the evening we decided to join some people for a drink. As we arrived, the bar was crowded. As @evan and @webmink were arriving late too they decided to join us at our little table we managed to conquer. Some beers later we’ve finally managed to scare the people between us and the others away and reform the table in one long one.

On Sunday, not yet recovered from last night, the first thing I went to ee was the openmoko devroom. Yes, I do own one of those phones that don’t actually work but are a lot of fun to play with, and in fact the talks given were pretty interesting. Around noon I was so hungry I decided to ditch the openmoko meet-up for 10 minutes to find something to eat. When I came back I met @ruiseabra and some other happy openmoko users.

The rest of the day I wandered around, talked to people, etc.. like a regular in FOSDEM-world. Seems like once you go to Fosdem, you will never miss one ever again.

Oh, and I got Tanenbaum to sign the day in my agenda on which I might have an exam on a book of his. I hope this helps

-Pieter — folow me on


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