A parable

Once upon a time there was a farmer called Johnson. He lived in Iowa and was cropping grain. Every year he brought his best grain to the year market downtown. He participated in a contest “who has the best grain”, and every year Johnson won. Every year the other contestants asked how he managed to crop grain of such a high quality. And every year he told the other farmers exactly how he had done it: How he cultivated the field, how he composted, and when he harvested. The farmers eagerly noted everything down he said and the next year they did exactly as Johnson told.

Once a neighbor asked whether he was not afraid of losing, because he told his secrets every year. Johnson replied: when the grain of my neighbors will raise in quality, my fields are circled with high-quality grain, which will take care of the pollination of my crops. In that way my harvest gets better every year.

Creative Commons License
This work is in the Public Domain.



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