anonymously good

Hello Blogosphere,

Some years months ago I thought blogging was something old people did to cherish their last moments of comprehensibility. Nowadays I think little different, but the beauty about blogging is no one has to read what you write.

Nevertheless there are several reasons why I wanted to create a blog. First of all I was afraid of losing my comprehensibility. Not because I’m aging, but because on new year’s eve my best friends wondered why I disliked using microsoft, DRM’ed content, etc. Awaiting my condemnation to the center of all spot, while I eagerly insisted not to bring on such subjects on happy events like these, someone noticed I’m not having any coca-cola products neither. Quickly I become the one that hates multinationals and does not like money (which I’m not (just to be clear)).

Since I’m writing this in a foreign language I might not have intended this to be a for-friends’-eyes-only-blog. Since I use my account quite regularly, I will use this blog to clarify things that are left unsaid in the 140 character limit.

Finally, I had some thought that needed publishing and I hope these will get here soon enough.

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a lot of garbage

yet another blogosphere virtualisation


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